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Welcome to D-Moda.net! We design modern fashion apparel for you to wear with low carbon impact. In order to do that, we minimize the use of synthetic fabrics (e.g. polyester) in our products and only produce on demand. Furthermore, we send you our products as close as we can so the required transportation factory-to-door is minimum. Last but not least, our aim is to design clothes for you to wear and not just another closet’s purchase.




How can each of us find personal motivation to become more sustainable in relation to fashion? “Sustainable fashion” is quite a broad concept, covering many different forms of more sustainable fashion. How can we guide everyday consumers in becoming more sustainable in relation to fashion?

In general, people have different relationships to fashion, both in terms of how ready they are to follow trends, and also how much they care about creating a special look, style and wardrobe. Thus, people’s attitudes to new street looks and high-end fashion styles vary widely.


For some people, keeping up to date with the latest in fashion is a natural and highly important part of their everyday lives. For others, looks and trends play no role at all in their lives. Still, as modern human beings, we all need to wear clothes and shoes, and we all sometimes need to access new pieces, for example when our old shoes are worn out or when our clothes break or become unfit in size.

Yet, when it comes to choosing fashion in relation to sustainability, there are even more aspects involved. At a conscious level, choosing more sustainable fashion depends on our understanding and perception of the concept “sustainability” in relation to fashion. What does “sustainable fashion” mean to me?

Despite such variations among people, we here assume that people today are generally quite informed, concerned and willing to make a positive difference in society – and thus ready to make some conscious, more sustainable, choices in relation to fashion too.

Based on this assumption, what forms of sustainable fashion would a person most likely prefer? Is it possible that certain forms of sustainable fashion appeal stronger to some people, while other forms are more attractive to others? Assuming there can be significant differences in personal motives, here are four potential “blueprints” that can guide us in making more sustainable choices in relation to accessing and using fashion.